Monday, 17 December 2012

Embossing farm house

I made this one for my cousin sister. She wanted one picture for her kid's room. She wanted me to paint this picture. 

You can see the details of the colors I have used in this picture. I used a lot of colors. I didn't want it the houses to be brown or cream or white. I used so many colors including steel grey (tiny house on the left corner).
Its so lovely country picture with birds, lonely house and river nearby, I must admit this was the picture I truly enjoyed painting. I used leaf green and silver for blending the greens for the trees and olive green and light green for the bushes near the house. I didn't want to use red for bricks so I used pink and brown to make it different. It is so much fun to play with colors. For the water I used sky blue, white and very little of cerulean blue. 
The surface of the areas to be painted are quite rough and its really easy to paint and colors blend very well. Hope you enjoy....