Thursday, 23 August 2012

Embossing birds on cloth

This is the second embossing of mine. There are 2 pictures. They are medium sized ones. 

In the below picture, I have used my own paints for shading and and blending in colors. There are a lot of minute places to paint and shade in those. They seem to be very tricky but I found it to be very easy. I used yellow and orange for the big bird and light violet and mild gold for the small one. I just love to use yellow in my pictures especially if they are birds or flowers. They brighten up the picture and make it look beautiful. For the leaves I used light green and olive green. Flowers can be painted in various colors. Here I've used pick,white,yellow,orange,purple and silver. I painted the branch with brown and used a little copper + bronze mix for shading. 

For this picture I used light and dark blue for the big bird and vermilion and chrome yellow for the small bird. I used olive green and sap green mixed with white to make it very very light as I wanted the birds to steal the show. Used brown and copper + bronze mix for the branches. For the flowers I have used pink, white, orange, yellow. 

The best thing I love with these pictures are any color can be used as per our imagination. I hope you guys like it.