About me

Hello everyone,

I am Priyadarshini Ramakrishnan, a simple girl born in Chennai, India. I was a genetic researcher turned crafter/graphic designer. I was always inclined to arts from a every young age probably because of my aunt who is an awesome artist. I am a very religious and God loving person. 

I am a trained/performing Bharatnatayam dancer and learnt some carnatic music. I started crafting when I was about 12-13 yrs old when I was in a summer camp. I learnt some simple and easy crafting made from waste materials which interested me a lot and I started experimenting by transforming old greeting cards to new ones. Once I started college, I stopped crafting and did some pencil sketches when time permitted. During my summer break, I learnt pot painting and making items using m-seal. 

In 2012 I started quilling and sketching simple cartoon pictures to cope with some depression I had. I do not prefer medical treatment or therapy for depression but I ended up with my own set of therapy - ART. I also started learning some basic Spanish phrases as I had a liking for that language. 

It was my best friend who suggested I start a blog and share my projects. In 2015, I got introduced to stamping, die cutting and stenciling from you tube. I consider you tube craft videos my teacher. I kept practicing stamping, stenciling and colouring. Recently, I started making foamiran flowers and small scarp layout. One thing, I miss a lot is sketching which I plan to start soon. 

I always consider myself a beginner when it comes to crafting as there are loads of techniques and different methods to make one. I recently started my you tube channel and still working on making and editing videos. Hope to get it up and running my next year. 

Crafts I like:
1. Pencil drawing
2. Pencil colouring
3. Stamping
4. Die cutting
5. Stenciling
6. Card making
7. Quilling
8. Work with rhinestone/kundan stones
9. Mini scrap album
10. Digital scrap layout
11. Mixed media

I hope you all like and support my work. 

Happy Crafting.....

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